About Me

I’m just a human being like every one. Here i chosen the nick ‘ihumanoid’ why ?. People think not like humans but they think like robots. The things just i said is from my crazy mind
I a beginner blogger from India. India is beautiful country of beautiful people and places. India got 1 billion useless brains. I’m going to say about those hollow brains. This is when mind is that crazy
This world has 6 billion people. Even in this beautiful Earth, they had to suffer. I’m going to say about their sufferings. Ya I’m absolutely crazy.

About My Poems

These are the words which came in to my mind. I don’t know is it possible to call them poems. It may be ruthless to call them poems or lyrics compared with others. But these are my poems and i created these. One more thing now I’m 23. I’ve never ever read any poems or any others things to make my inspired. These are all came in to my mind by chance. So if you find any relation to any of my creations, I’m saying from the bottom of my heart that I’m innocent.


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